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Five elegant luxury kitchen trends for 2023

With summer on the horizon and hosting fabulous fêtes not far behind, kitchen remodels are on the minds of many homeowners. A luxury kitchen is elegant, sophisticated, and poised to meet every need. Bespoke millwork, cutting-edge appliances, quality materials, intriguing shapes and smart technology all shine in extravagant kitchens. In this post, we highlight five of the luxury kitchen trends our team of Snohomish County kitchen remodelers have identified for 2023. From colorful cabinetry and organic details to butler’s pantries and prep kitchens, there is so much to celebrate this year. Read on for all the extravagant kitchen trends we love – plus a few answers to FAQs about remodeling a kitchen in Snohomish County.

5 Luxury Kitchen Trends to Elevate Your Space in 2023

#1 Natural Wood & Live Edge 

Live edge wood trendFirst on our list of luxury kitchen trends for 2023 is natural wood and live edge on bars and kitchen islands. Warm, unfinished wood that celebrates natural textures and organic materials is definitely in this year. Curious what live edge is? Blake, the craftsman and owner of Handmade Elpis & Wood Furniture in Everett describes it this way, "Live edge natural slab wood starts it’s life in tree form, then log, then it’s milled into slabs. From there it goes through a drying process which includes air drying and then it is professionally kiln dried.  After that it’s re-acclimated from the kiln and into our day to day climate and humidity. This process removes much of the moisture from the slab which we test and retest through the entire process.  From there the wood is then workable and ready to be turned into an original crafted piece of furniture."

Warm wood tones connecting interiors to the great outdoors add an unexpected luxury element that works well in light and bright kitchen spaces. In an article for Good Housekeeping, Alyssa Gautieri notes that "deeper wood tones" are popping up everywhere from paneled ceilings to kitchen islands.

Compliment a warm wood countertop or cabinetry with cool-toned blues, dove grays and mossy greens for a nature-inspired interior. Add a few metallic accents to bounce light around the room and infuse the space with an antique or industrial flair.

#2 Colorful Cabinetry

Luxury Kitchen Trends_Colorful Cabinets, EverettAll-white kitchens were all the rage when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit back in March 2020, but color has since claimed its throne. The new queen of luxury kitchens is colorful cabinetry.

Writing for Architectural Digest, Sarah Lyon identifies a few of the cabinet colors designers are seeing in luxury kitchens this year. Quoting Jess Weeth, Lyon writes that nature-inspired tones like forest, moss and Kelly green always fit the bill.

However, Weeth tells Lyon that "'there is a noticeable shift toward bold and unexpected color schemes.'" Weeth notices homeowners and designers gravitating towards "'warm tones like clay, terracotta, and even wine.'"

Make your luxury kitchen a touch more glamorous with antique hardware, a statement light fixture and a custom backsplash. Or create a soothing space with earthy greens and organic materials that root your home in the surrounding landscape.

#3 Prep Kitchens and Butler’s Pantries

Luxury Kitchen Trends_Prep Kitchens and Butlers PantriesAccording to our team of Snohomish County kitchen remodelers and designers across the US, prep kitchens and butler's pantries are on everyone's wishlists. Writing for Elle Decor, Rachel Silva agrees. Silva identifies a "a self-functioning prep kitchen [as] the ultimate self-indulgence.'"

Combining practicality and luxury, prep kitchens and butler's pantries allow for easy entertaining during winter holidays and the warm summer months. Plus, prep kitchens and butler's pantries can be hidden away or seamlessly integrated when one installs pocket doors. Add a wet bar in your butler's pantry to make hosting a bit simpler this year.

#4 Oversized Kitchen Tables

Perhaps the most surprising addition to luxury kitchens this year is the oversized kitchen table. Homeowners all across the country are swapping streamlined kitchen islands for traditional kitchen tables -- with a twist.

Opting for a custom-designed oversized table allows homeowners to entertain all their family and friends while prepping food and drink. Wooden tables add a softer, more personal feel to the chef's kitchens that were once ubiquitous in luxury homes.

#5 Seamless Open Spaces

Kitchen Remodel, Long Island, Edmonds, WA, VanderBeken RemodelLast but not least on our list of trends for extravagant kitchens is the seamless open space that connects kitchen to living area. Though some designers predicted the end of open-concept living when the pandemic hit, the trend has yet to fade away.

In an article for Better Homes & Gardens, Kristina McGuirk elaborates. McGuirk notes that kitchens have been expanding over the last few years -- with homeowners requesting walk-in pantries, mudrooms and more.

Quoting Lauren Schulte, McGuirk writes that the kitchen, dining and living spaces are not just "'one big extended kitchen.'" Instead, these rooms are designed to "'flow openly into each other with different functions and blend the areas together well.'"

Designers are focusing more on the way people navigate their homes. They are finding ways to optimize entertaining and everyday living by designing more functional, seamless spaces.

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Snohomish County Contractors Answer All Your FAQs About Luxury Kitchen Remodels

What Do ​​Kitchen Remodelers in Snohomish County Define as a Luxury Kitchen?

High-end luxury kitchens are defined by their functionality, flow and exquisite craftsmanship. Integrated smart technology and close attention to detail are also hallmarks of a high-end luxury kitchen.

Bespoke millwork, custom furniture, hand-crafted tile and sustainable materials will all be found in a luxury kitchen. Above all, a luxury kitchen provides homeowners with the best appliances for enjoyable preparation, cooking, entertaining and clean-up.

How Can I Make a Kitchen More Luxurious?

Kitchen island extra-large with cabinetry, VanderBeken Remodel, Mill Creek, 2022-1To make a kitchen more luxurious, Snohomish County homeowners can work with a design/build firm to ensure the space is both beautiful and functional. A luxury kitchen should be practical – i.e. easy to navigate, well-lit and outfitted with current appliances. But it should also be visually impactful – with unique backsplashes, gorgeous flooring and textural details that wow guests and residents alike.

In creating a luxury kitchen, designers will harness the homeowners’ individual personalities. A luxury kitchen is personal and easily identifiable. It is not the all-white and stainless steel cookie cutter kitchen of a model home.

What Does Every Luxury Kitchen Need?

Luxury elegant kitchens need elements that make the homeowners' lives that much easier and more enjoyable. This means smart appliances -- from dishwashers and ranges to vent hoods and refrigerators. It also means layered lighting that includes ambient, overhead and task lighting -- with a statement fixture over the island or kitchen table.

Luxury kitchens cater to every whim and need of their owners. They include beverage stations, hidden appliances and walk-in pantries. Luxury kitchens ensure seamless hosting and encourage homeowners to gather in this space together no matter the occasion or time of year.

Which Appliances Do Luxury Kitchens Have?

Fridge wall with built-in ovens and white cabinet pull out drawers, VanderBeken Remodel, Mill Creek, 2022-1Luxury kitchens typically feature appliances by brands like Viking, Wolf and Miele. It is not unusual for extravagant kitchens to include a variety of smaller appliances.

These include but are not limited to espresso machines, stand mixers, smart toasters, food processors and high-end blenders. Pot fillers, wine fridges and kitchen island sinks are also common.

Working with Vanderbeken Remodel on Your Luxury Kitchen Remodel

Whether you are just beginning the research stage, or are ready to start working with a designer to get your luxury kitchen in tip-top shape contact us to begin the process. The size and scope of your kitchen remodel will effect the timeline of a remodel

Our team of Snohomish County kitchen remodelers serve homeowners in Edmonds, Everett, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Mukilteo and Snohomish. Create a space that meets all your needs and exceeds your expectations with Vanderbeken Remodel.

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