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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen in Snohomish County?

Labor shortages, low supply of construction materials and high demand during the pandemic have all contributed to higher home improvement costs. To cut costs, many homeowners have opted to DIY their remodels. Unfortunately, homeowners who DIY will not save much, and they end up assuming a lot of risk. Instead, homeowners should seek the help of a licensed design | build firm in their area. Experienced Snohomish kitchen remodelers can guide homeowners through the design, permitting and construction phases. Homeowners can expect anywhere from 80% to over 90% ROI on a professionally executed, fully permitted kitchen remodel. Working alongside Snohomish County contractors, professional remodelers know how to properly estimate the amount and cost of materials. They also know how to set and follow the timeline of each project and solve any issues that might arise. Follow below to learn how much it will cost to remodel a kitchen in Snohomish County with a design | build firm.

What is the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel in Everett, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Mill Creek, Mukilteo, and Snohomish, WA?

Kitchen remodeled

When remodeling the kitchen in your Everett, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Mill Creek or Mukilteo home, you can expect to pay thousands. Homeowners will pay anywhere between $25,000 and $150,000 USD. According to Ben Kissam in a recent article for Angi, the typical American homeowner spends between $25K and $40K on their kitchen remodel. However, Kissam notes that a major kitchen remodel typically costs between “$75,000 and $100,000.” A major kitchen remodel is when the layout is altered and plumbing or electrical are replaced.

Due in part to high demand, the kitchen remodel cost in Snohomish County and King County tends to be higher than elsewhere. Writing for The Seattle Times, Jason Legat notes that “a kitchen remodel in Seattle averages $145,658.” Legat writes that “if white cabinets, quartz countertops and a ceramic-tile backsplash are what you’re looking for,” the cost will exceed $100k. While Legat acknowledges that these materials technically “fall under the ‘upscale’ category…the reality is that these finishes have become standard.”

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What Impacts Kitchen Remodel Cost in Snohomish County? 

But what do Snohomish kitchen remodelers charge? Cost varies significantly from project to project. The current condition of your kitchen will impact the final total. A kitchen in poor condition will require more extensive work from the Snohomish County contractors you hire than a kitchen in excellent condition.

Reviewing the design of a kitchen remodelThe quality and craftsmanship involved in your project – i.e. the expertise of the contractors, designers and vendors involved – will also impact the final total. Which selections you make – i.e. whether you choose designer finishes or builder-grade materials – will either increase or decrease your final spend. Of course, the scope of your project – i.e. how extensively you wish to overhaul your kitchen – is a primary determiner of cost.

In the end, you can expect a quality kitchen redesign involving a practiced design | build firm to cost between $95,000 and $135,000 USD. A kitchen refresh (think remove and replace) will cost between ​​$85,000 and $115,000 USD.

Size, Scope and Scale

The size, scope and scale of your kitchen remodel will contribute heavily to the cost of your project. Repainting walls, replacing appliances and updating backsplashes will cost far less than adding an island, moving the sink or installing a butler’s pantry. The scale of your project will likely depend on how old your home is and how well the kitchen currently functions. As such, homeowners must first determine whether they want a kitchen refresh or a kitchen redesign.

Understanding the Difference Between Minor and Major Kitchen Remodels

When undertaking a kitchen remodel in Snohomish County, you will choose between a minor or major renovation. Your Snohomish County contractors or Snohomish County remodelers should help you determine which is right for you. Minor remodels are mostly cosmetic, while major remodels often involve some structural changes. There are a number of differences between minor and major kitchen remodels — many of which impact the overall cost of one’s home improvement project. Below is an example of a kitchen refresh.

Though we provide a detailed accounting of these differences in our Snohomish County Home Remodeling Cost Guide, read on for a brief snapshot. Typically, remodel refreshes are primarily cosmetic while remodel redesigns address structural issues as well. Both refreshes and redesigns involve updating the layout of an outdated space to make that space more functional for its owners.

An Example of a Kitchen Refresh - or a Minor Kitchen Remodel

(The basic layout remained the same, while cabinetry, countertops, flooring and paint were all updated)

Kitchen Remodel Before & After, Camano Island, WA


An Example of a Kitchen Redesign - or a Major Kitchen Remodel

(Walls were removed, electrical and plumbing all moved and a new kitchen island with sink was added)

Kitchen Remodel Before & After, Marysville, WA

A kitchen redesign often involves removal of non-load-bearing walls and/or expanding the footprint to restructure the floorplan. This is done to provide the best functionality and flow. Kitchen refreshes and redesigns both involve updating appliances, sinks, countertops, backsplashes and light fixtures.

Kitchen Redesigns, however, often involve rewiring electrical, relocating plumbing and adding new built-ins like a kitchen island or pantry. Each of these differences could represent a dramatic difference in the overall cost of your renovation. If you opt for a major remodel, you will likely need to hire Snohomish County contractors or remodelers.

Location impacts the cost of a kitchen remodel


Next, the cost of your kitchen remodel will depend heavily on where you live. Local laws, ordinances and standards will restrict when your design | build team can demolish and rebuild your kitchen. Whether you need permits and how drawn-out and expensive the permitting process is in your area could also impact the cost of your remodel.

Availability of experienced labor – e.g. contractors, designers, construction workers and kitchen remodelers in Everett – will also impact the cost of your kitchen remodel. Last but not least, the material selection you choose can drive costs up as well. Local materials could cost less than imported materials because the shipping and handling fees will be minor in comparison. If you live far away from a stock of necessary materials, you can expect to spend more to source these items.

Working with Snohomish Kitchen Remodelers in Everett to Cut Labor and Material Costs

Thankfully, Snohomish homeowners who choose to work with kitchen remodelers in Everett, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Mill Creek, Mukilteo or Snohomish, WA need not hire their own contractors. Instead, a turn-key design | build remodeling firm – like VanderBeken Remodel – provides the best building professionals for your kitchen remodel.

Design | build firms will also provide a range of cost estimates for each material, fixture and finish involved in your remodel. Whether you are interested in high-end designer finishes or simply high-quality selections, the options are out there. To find the right remodeler for your project, check out our recent post “How to Find a Reliable Remodeler in Everett, WA.” You can also check out our recent projects here for remodeling inspiration.

Some Planning Departments Require Permits for Kitchen Remodels in Snohomish County

Not all residential remodeling projects in Snohomish County require permits. However, those that involve reframing doors, adding skylights or making major changes to electrical or plumbing systems require permits in Washington State. Minor renovations such as replacing fixtures or updating finishes do not require permits in Snohomish County.

The permitting process can be tricky and failing to follow it can be dire. As such, homeowners would be best-served by hiring a design | build team who can help navigate the whole process. Not only will adhering to local permitting laws help you avoid headaches in the future. It will also help keep you and your family safe in your newly updated home.

For a full list of renovations that require building permits in unincorporated Snohomish County, read the government’s resource on common permit exemptions here. Snohomish County contractors can give you a better idea of which permits your project will require. If you choose to work with Snohomish kitchen remodelers, your remodeling team will submit permit applications on your behalf.

Using skilled trade partners for your Snohomish County kitchen remodeStructural Changes Requiring the Help of Snohomish County Contractors

If you opt for a major kitchen remodel, your project might involve structural changes. For example, you might decide to change the layout, add an island or build a bump-out addition. You might also add walk-in storage or a butler’s pantry. Any updates to your kitchen’s electrical and/or plumbing systems will also impact the kitchen remodel cost in Snohomish County.

Finishes and Selections

The quality of finishes and other selections will either add to or subtract from the overall cost of your kitchen remodel in Snohomish County. Luxury finishes – like natural stone countertops, hand-painted tile or designer light fixtures – will all increase your budget. If you opt for top-of-the line appliances or choose to add smart technology to your kitchen, you should also expect a higher project investment price.

Age and Condition of Your Home

As noted above, the age and condition of your home also impacts the final cost of your kitchen remodel. If your home was built 100 years ago and has yet to experience a major renovation, your kitchen will definitely require internal system upgrades. These upgrades are necessary to bring the kitchen up to code. This could involve alterations to the plumbing, electrical, framing and much more.

If your home was built in 2015 or more recently, it is unlikely your remodeling will need to update the kitchen to meet current building codes. Kitchen remodels in older homes typically take longer than those in newer homes. To make the most of your remodel while minimizing stress, check out our recent post “How to Survive and Thrive During a Kitchen Remodel.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Good, Fast, CheapLastly, craftsmanship and quality will impact the total cost of your project. Hiring the cheapest Snohomish County contractors or DIY-ing much of your project yourself might cost less in the short-run. However, you risk the longevity and safety of your kitchen by opting for the least expensive option. In the end, you might spend thousands more than your initial investment when you are forced to replace or repair shoddy craftsmanship. Discover what quality craftsmanship looks like from some of our past kitchen remodels.

FAQs About Snohomish County Kitchen Remodels

What is the ROI of a Kitchen Remodel in Everett, Lake Stevens, Marysville, Mill Creek, Mukilteo or Snohomish, WA?

Kitchen remodels consistently deliver some of the highest returns on investment (ROI) when compared to other home improvement projects. Washington State homeowners can expect even higher ROI than those in other states. According to this recent report from Zillow, “homeowners in the Pacific region...see the highest minor kitchen remodel ROI.” The Pacific Region includes "California, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and Alaska."

Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It?

The value of a kitchen remodel far exceeds its financial return on investment (ROI). Whether your kitchen remodel is worth it depends on how much it improves your daily life. Will you enjoy cooking in your new kitchen after updating its cramped layout? Do the smart appliances you chose protect older members of your household from dangerous accidents? Is it easier to entertain now that your kitchen is bigger and brighter? Ask yourself these questions and more to determine whether your kitchen remodel will be worth it for your family.

Working with VanderBeken Remodel on Your Snohomish County Kitchen Remodel

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