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16 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay

Each year, designers, chefs and tech experts compile lists of trends either going out of style or likely to stand the test of time. Some kitchen trends – like the all-white minimalism that dominated the early aughts – slip away. Others – like indoor-outdoor kitchens – endure. In this post, we take a look at sixteen kitchen trends that are here to stay. From bespoke storage for cookbooks to adaptable spaces, follow below for our complete list of gorgeous kitchen trends for this year and beyond!

#1 Kitchens That Open to the Backyard

Kitchens open to the backyardSince the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, demand for indoor-outdoor spaces has skyrocketed. Homeowners want ways to enjoy the outdoors from living spaces, making entertaining that much easier. In our recent post “Create a Year-Round Pacific Northwest Outdoor Living Space,” we elaborate. We suggest “adding glass pocket doors [from the kitchen] to access your backyard.” Seamless pocket doors capture the luxury kitchen design ethos echoed in magazines like House Beautiful and Architectural Digest.

By easing the transition between the kitchen and your backyard, you maximize both spaces. You make “both the interior and the exterior of your home feel larger and more inviting.” Given the renewed focus on indoor-outdoor living, we expect this trend to stick around for many years to come!

Prep sink in an island#2 Kitchen Islands with Prep Sinks

In addition to spending more time outdoors, today’s pandemic-era homeowners are also cooking more at home. To help homeowners chop, cook and clean up without neglecting their guests, prep sinks are the new must-have for kitchen islands. We pointed out this trend in our blog post 12 Fabulous Kitchen Island Ideas.”

Whether your kitchen is spacious or small-scale, adding a prep sink to your island can help streamline your cooking and cleaning experience. With a sink set into the island opposite your stove, oven and dishwasher, you create the most efficient cooking setup. As the host, you can continue to socialize with guests while preparing food or cleaning dishes. Practical sinks like these are a necessity for the modern kitchen.

#3 Integrated Smart Technology Systems

According to a 2020 survey, “sixty-five percent of Americans have at least one smart home device." A shocking 82% of American men own a smart home device. At the time, 17% owned smart kitchen appliances, but this number has risen since 2020. Citing wellness, the desire to age in place and environmental responsibility, integrated smart technology is on the wishlist of many prospective buyers. From smart ovens that turn off on their own to espresso machines that learn your preferences, integrated appliances are here to stay. Making our lives a little easier, smart home tech supports a casual yet connected lifestyle.

#4 Double Islands

Double IslandsMaximizing surface area and spaces around which to gather, double islands are definitely on our list of timeless kitchen trends. In our post "8 Kitchen and Bath Design Trends,” we noted the growing prevalence of double islands in the kitchen. For the couple that loves cooking together, doubling up on workspaces is key to a harmonious chef experience.

Double islands are also great for homeowners who love entertaining dinner party guests while they cook. Not only are double islands more practical, but they are also visually more appealing. They add balance and symmetry – adding structure to large spaces. The double island craze trend adds storage, too! A second island will double your storage space and offer abundant counter space. Install push to open cabinets, incorporate open shelves and lay tracks of LED lighting to make the most of your double islands.


#5 Bespoke Storage

Next on our list is bespoke storage. From custom shelving for your cookbook collection to extra deep drawers, bespoke storage is another kitchen trend that gained steam during the pandemic. Shows like Get Organized with The Home Edit and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo have made organizing enticing and aesthetic.

In her article 7 Kitchen Trends We'll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2022” for Food52, Alyssa Longobucco explains. Longobucco writes that “designers are focusing on crafting spaces that are both creative and utilitarian.” Interior designers and remodelers now offer “home chefs the best of both worlds—a space that functions and looks good while doing it.” Referencing Houzz’s 2022 U.S. Kitchen Trends Study, Longobucco elaborates. Longobucco writes that “the popularity of built-in specialty organizers is only increasing." In fact, "more than half of homeowners [want to upgrade] their space with storage solutions.”

#6 Statement Hoods and Backsplashes

Statement hoods and backsplashOnce considered an eyesore, the large range hood is now a statement-making design element in many kitchens. Instead of trying to disguise range hoods, homeowners are now embracing its prominent position. Customized hoods clad in terracotta tile, stucco, metal, glossy natural stone and mixed materials are all the rage in 2022. Whether you want a rustic contemporary vibe or a sleek minimalist space, there is a gorgeous range design for you! We suggest choosing a backsplash in a contrasting finish or color to make your range hood pop.

#7 Walk-In Pantries

According to a 2021 survey from the NAHB, a whopping 85% of buyers want an oversized pantry in their new homes. With more Americans cooking at home regularly and food costs shooting up due to inflation, a walk-in pantry offers an ideal amount of storage. It also allows homeowners to stash small appliances like coffee makers, food processors and rice cookers out of view. The desire for hidden appliances and clear countertops is unlikely to abate in coming years.

#8 Natural Materials 

A number of other home design trends and movements have supported the shift from stark white minimalism to warm natural materials in the kitchen. Japandi, Scandi, Wabi Sabi and Mid-Century Modern styles have all welcomed the return of natural materials like stone and wood. The kitchen pictured above features stunning wood cabinets in beautiful natural ash wood just above quartz countertops. Sleek sight lines of the sparkling quartz counters, kitchen island and unadorned cabinet doors keep this space clean. They also prevent it from feeling too rustic.

#9 Double Ovens and Separate Appliances

Kitchen Island with white shaker cabinet pantry behind, VanderBeken Remodel, Mill Creek, 2022-1There is some debate over whether side-by-side range ovens or stacked double ovens are superior. Either way, homeowners are prioritizing double ovens in new builds. In his article “What’s the Point of a Double-Oven Range?” for Wirecutter from The New York Times, Tyler Wells Lynch outlines the many benefits. Lynch writes that “double-oven ranges have more overall space than single-oven ranges,” offering greater capacity to the home cook.

In addition to capacity, double ovens also offer versatility and flexibility. For example, you can cook a frozen pizza in the smaller oven while roasting a turkey in the larger oven. Homeowners tend to prefer side-by-side double ovens – which are the same size as a regular oven and are attached to a range. This is because a side-by-side double-oven range “can fit anywhere that a regular range can.” They also cost less!

#10 Pops of Color

Over the last year, we have noted the decline of stark minimalism in kitchens across the country. Homeowners no longer want clinical, bright-white interiors. Instead, they want a personalized space that comes alive with color, custom design elements, collectibles and other special pieces. In an article for Martha Stewart, Kasey Melvey elaborates. Melvey writes that “‘neutral tones paired with strong colors, like deep greens, rich reds, and blues, will continue to be a go-to color scheme.'

#11 Outdoor Kitchens

As mentioned above, Americans spent a lot more time outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic – especially when socializing. From pizza ovens and barbecues to dishwashers and extra-long counters, the outdoor kitchen is having a moment. Outdoor dining spaces are also becoming increasingly common -- often centering around a dining table with a fire pit in the middle.

Beverage Bars#12 Built-In Beverage Stations

The built-in beverage station combines three kitchen design trends: hidden storage, smart home tech and personalization. Homeowners do not want appliances sticking out, but they do want all the amenities one would find in a high-end kitchen. Built-ins offer a solution.

In a recent post, we quoted Wall Street Journal writer Laila Kearney. Kearney noted that “‘appliances and presses are disappearing from countertops in luxury homes.'" At the same time, "'integrated brew systems are becoming both more common and increasingly automated.’” Wine fridges, coffee and juice bars, pot fillers and upright freezers are all gaining traction. Homeowners are seeking inclusive kitchens that cater to their specific needs and preferences.

#13 Skylights in the Kitchen

There is nothing more enticing than a bright, airy kitchen. Though dark and moody kitchens had their moment, natural light is here to stay. In an article for House Beautiful, Mary Elizabeth Andriotis explains. Andriotis writes that “‘expansive windows along the counter space or extra-large skylights over the island or stove’” will always be favored by homeowners.

According to Andriotis, this desire plays into the growing need homeowners have for biophilic interiors. Thompson tells Andriotis that "’the idea is to welcome in nature and let sunlight fall across a range of material grains.’” Sunlight also makes spaces feel larger and more open – perfect for cramped kitchens.

#14 Fun Hardware

Though often worth the investment, kitchen remodels can be incredibly expensive. One way to update your interior without overspending is to focus on small, interchangeable elements like lighting and hardware. We love the idea of swapping out builder-grade hardware with vintage, antique or kitschy drawer pulls.

#15 Adaptable Kitchens for Multigenerational Families

Multi-generational KitchensThe number of multigenerational homes in the United States has grown significantly over the last fifty years. In our post “12 Home Improvements to Support Aging in Place,” we note that there were 40.3M seniors in the US a decade ago. Just two years ago, that number exploded to more than 54 million. ​​Today, families are sticking together. Elderly parents are living with their adult children. The elderly benefit from extra care while watching over grandchildren and providing financial support to Millennials and Zoomers. At the same time, more seniors are aging in place.

As such, kitchens that accommodate multiple generations are in demand. Getting rid of upper cabinets and focusing on drawers that are more accessible to wheelchair users is one way to adapt a kitchen. In addition to minimal upper cabinetry, homeowners might also request wider doorways and smart appliances.

#16 Induction Stoves

Last on our list is the induction stove – which has been a mainstay of kitchens all across the world for many years. American consumers are some of the last to adopt induction technology in their kitchens. More efficient and less wasteful, induction technology is preferred by professional chefs and home chefs alike.

In her article “Here’s Why Trend-Setting Induction Technology Is Worth Considering For Your Home” for Forbes, Jamie Gold explains. Gold writes that induction technology “allows for fast, precise and extensive temperature control beyond gas’ or radiant electric’s capabilities.” It transfers heat directly to your pot or pan – using less energy and creating a safer space.