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Kitchen Remodel Timeline

Renovating your home is messy and disruptive, especially when remodeling kitchens. So, what should you expect? We have created a planning and scheduling guide to help you understand what a kitchen remodel entails. Plus, we have a few expert tips to make your remodel a little bit easier. If a kitchen remodel is on your wish list, read on!

Before embarking on any remodeling project, you should firmly establish your reasons why. Remodeling is an emotional process, it interferes with your daily life, and it is costly. Determine what is frustrating about your current kitchen; consider the layout, functionality, and storage (or lack thereof). What would you like to improve about the space’s overall flow and appearance? Making a list of your desired improvements, and putting them in ordered priority will help keep things in perspective.

Next, research the realistic costs involved with a kitchen remodel in your area. Our Home Remodeling Cost Guide is a free downloadable resource specifically focused on home remodels in Snohomish County. Remodeler’s Magazine also publishes an annual Cost vs. Value Report, which you can drill down into certain areas of the country to learn more about what have the most return on investment. 

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Keep in mind that relocating plumbing, gas, or electrical lines will increase costs. To keep the budget in check, try to preserve your existing kitchen or bath footprint (or only change it slightly). Next, the fun begins! Collect design ideas and favorite elements to give our designers direction for a design that is uniquely yours. We are remodeling experts and the sweet spot of working with a design | build company like VanderBeken Remodel is that we will guide you through the entire process.

What To Expect with A Kitchen Remodel: From Start to Finish

Depending on the size of the project, a kitchen remodel can take two to three months (or more). A kitchen remodel may vary greatly according to your wish list, budget, and the current condition of the home, but the following 3 steps are always involved:

Reimagine (Planning Your New Kitchen)

Design-desk-with-swatchesTo avoid delays when renovating a kitchen, every detail must be worked out before we begin. The design process can take a few weeks up to a month depending on how quickly you can make progress with on the following:

  • Priorities your needs for the remodel
  • Gather your design ideas
  • Meet with your assigned designer to discuss the scope of your kitchen remodel
  • Approve conceptual drawings
  • Confirm selections for your appliances, cabinets, countertops, etc.
  • Approve your new kitchen design
  • Review your finalized specifications binder and sign your production contract

During the review of your finalized specifications binder we will walk you through a detailed proposal with drawings, product specifications and finish samples. At this time you will also see and sign off on the fixed investment price of your entire kitchen remodel. If you are looking for a line-item quote (often referred to as a bid) we are not the company for you. Our fixed-price method is the best way to eliminate unpleasant surprises; your costs will not change unless the scope of the project changes. Check out this short video where we explain the shortcomings of bids and why we use a fixed investment price model.


Remodel (Kitchen Tear-Out and Renovation)

Temporary-Kitchen-1024x585Since you will not have a working kitchen for a while, we recommend creating a kitchenette in a handy spot like a laundry room. Being able to make coffee and heat up meals is a great stress reducer! We have written a blog about how to survive and thrive during a kitchen remodel that can help you with just this thing!

For a faster kitchen remodel, keeping the original layout reduces the amount of plumbing or electrical work required. Simply replacing cabinets, countertops and appliances in the same configuration can often be finished more quickly. If your new layout is significantly different, expect the project to take longer. Your remodeling team will also need to confirm that your existing plumbing and electrical are adequate for the remodel you are planning, if not, upgrades will need to be made. With the exception of new appliances, all material is procured by VanderBeken Remodel and delivered when ready to install.

Every project is unique and the schedule will be clearly communicated to you by your assigned Project Manager, however, the following schedule is representative of the stages of a typical kitchen remodel:

  • Week 1 – pre-construction meeting, preparation, demolition, and framing
  • Week 2 – framing and electrical rough-in 
  • Week 3 – plumbing rough-in and inspection
  • Week 4 – insulation and drywall
  • Week 5 – finish drywall and paint
  • Week 6 – install cabinets, make countertop template, install flooring
  • Week 7 – install trim and baseboards
  • Week 8 – countertop and backsplash installation, finish electrical
  • Week 9 – finish plumbing connections, install appliances

Kitchen Remodel Before & After, Marysville, WA

Relove (Relishing Your New Kitchen)

Kitchen remodeling is a complex process with lots to organize and trade partners to supervise; it is no wonder these projects take time! However, with proper planning we can finish your beautiful new kitchen in just a few months. Check out some of these beautifully remodeled kitchens to gather some inspiration for your kitchen remodel.


Schedule A Call With Us_SMALLSchedule a Call With Us at a Time That Works Best for You

We get it, you are busy, and honestly we are too. Schedule a time for an initial call and one of our team members will give you a call at a time that works best for your schedule. Typically the call will last 15-20 minutes. During this call we will try and answer your questions as well as gather information about your unique project, such as:

  • location
  • length of time in your home
  • aspects of your space that are not working for you