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Our Top 10 Timeless Bathroom Trends

When remodeling a bathroom, homeowners often ask which trends to avoid. They worry about creating a space that quickly becomes dated -- failing to attract future buyers or satisfy the current owners. As fun and fresh as they might be initially, not all bathroom design trends have staying power. Some bathroom trends started 2022 strong but have already fizzled out. It is actually quite rare for a design element to make the jump from trendy to timeless. From large windows and natural lighting to soaking tubs and neutral tones, there are a few bathroom design trends that have bridged the gap. In this post, our team of Snohomish County bathroom remodelers lists ten timeless bathroom trends that will always be in style. We also answer a few of your frequently asked questions about timeless bathroom design. 

10 Timeless Bathroom Design Trends 

Windows that let the light in, VanderBeken Remodel, Lake Stevens#1 Large Windows That Let in Lots of Natural Light 

Whether sitting in front of your vanity or soaking in the tub, no primary bath is complete without lots of natural light. Architects and interior designers often craft a home around access to natural light. They pay particular attention to how the sun filters in throughout the day. 

Mirrors, glass tables, glossy tile and other reflective surfaces are all chosen to bounce that light around a room. Bathrooms are no different. No design trend is more timeless than the glow of natural light through an expansive, perfectly framed window! 

#2 Odes to Nature 

Next on our list of timeless bathroom trends is appreciation for nature. Though incorporating organic elements and drawing inspiration from nature is timeless, this trend strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Timeless bathrooms embrace exposed wood, natural stone tile, living plants, green paint and vaulted ceilings with gorgeous beams. 

A green color palette is one bathroom design trend we never want to lose! In “6 Bathroom Trends that Will Rule in 2022” for Elle Decor, Kelsey Mulvey notes the design industry is "swinging back to maximal[ism]." While maximalism might not always be in style, emerald and sage greens have true staying power. Quoting designer Delia Kenza, Mulvey writes that "'green is coming in with a bang'" and shows no signs of stopping. 

Soaking Tub, VanderBeken Remodel, Camano Island#3 Soaking Tubs 

Few design elements are as functional and luxurious as the soaking tub. Soaking tubs have existed for centuries, always signaling elegance and sophistication. Whether copper or porcelain, a free-standing tub provides stunning views and unparalleled relaxation. 

In her article “10 Timeless Bathroom Trends That Will Never Go Out of Style” for, Jennifer Kelly Geddes points to the soaking tub. She writes that "'a free-standing tub is a timeless choice that you won’t regret.'" 

Quoting designer Anna Cummings, Geddes writes that "'a lingering soak will never go out of style.'" According to Cummings, "'the luxurious, elegant look of these tubs elevates any bathroom.'" Whether you DIY or hire out, consider a standing tub to make your space more serene and sophisticated when Washington bathroom remodeling. 

Curbless Shower#4 Curbless Showers 

Another design trend we simply cannot imagine falling out of favor is the curbless shower. Universal design -- or designing for people of all ages and abilities -- will certainly stick around. After all, both US and Canadian populations are rapidly aging. The curbless shower makes bathrooms more accessible for a wider range of residents and house guests. 

#5 Neutral Tones 

Jewel tones and equally saturated colors have been all the rage as interior design recaptures a maximalist approach to residential spaces. However, Pantone, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and other industry leaders identify a new "Color of the Year" annually. When one color is awarded "Color of the Year," another falls out of style. 

A neutral color palette -- on the other hand -- is timeless. If looking for a way to brighten up a neutral palette, consider something reversible. We love the idea of adding a colorful runner, peel and stick wallpaper or set of drapes. 

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#6 Contrasting Glossy and Matte Finishes 

Sixth on our list of timeless bathroom trends is contrasting glossy and matte finishes. The easiest way to elevate a neutral color scheme is to add texture and contrast. Homeowners can achieve this by juxtaposing glossy and matte finishes. 

A glossy timeless bathroom tile pairs beautifully below a stone countertop with matte finish. With a matte slab vanity and a glossy floor tile in the shower, the photo above is a perfect example. 

Coastal Influences, Vessel Sink, VanderBeken Remodel, Camano Island

#7 Coastal Influences 

Seventh on our list of timeless bathroom design trends is coastal influences. The soft blues and organic curves of a coastal-inspired bathroom work practically anywhere in the country. 

In her article “20 Traditional Bathrooms with Timeless Style” for House Beautiful, Caroline Picard points to a gorgeous bathroom in Laguna Beach. Picard writes that designers Heidi Bonesteel and Michele Trout chose a stunning turquoise blue tile to reflect the ocean views. 

Your home might border mountains or plains instead of the California or Washington coast. No matter where you live, blue is a classic color that makes sense in any space. 

Antique and Vintage Touches, VanderBeken Remodel, Everett#8 Antique Touches 

Homeowners hoping to add a bit of personality to their primary suite might consider antique touches. Antique touches always make the most sense when reflecting the home's origins. However, vintage accents can add texture and context to any interior. 

We love the idea of adding antique hardware and light fixtures to a primary bath. Another option is to add vintage textiles or wallpaper to a powder room. 

#9 Smart Home Tech 

Ninth on our list of timeless Washington bathroom remodeling trends is incorporating smart home tech. You might choose a smart air purifier that improves your bathroom's IAQ or a fan that wicks away moisture as soon as it leaves your shower. 

A programmed bidet or speaker system might work best for your family. Either way, smart home tech is here to stay. It makes our bathrooms safer, cleaner and more compatible with each person's unique routine. 

Marissa Wu writes in an article for Southern Living that technology is “as an inseparable component of our everyday lives.” Given this, it should come as “no surprise that technology finds its way into the bathroom, too.” 

#10 Geometric Tile in Classic Color Pairings 

Last on our list is geometric tile in classic color pairings. As an experienced team of Snohomish County bathroom remodelers, we know which trends have staying power. Geometric tile like subway tile, penny tile and honeycomb tile are all here to stay. Opt for classic colorways like warm white, dark gray and natural stone for a timeless look. 

Our Everett Bathroom Remodeling Team Answers Your FAQs About Timeless Bathroom Trends 

What Makes a Bathroom Timeless? 

Timeless spaces rarely betray the decade in which they were decorated. Instead of timely trends, they embrace simple forms, quality materials, neutral color palettes and natural light. 

Most importantly, timeless bathroom design means function is always first. A bathroom that functions well for the family that uses it is much more likely to be timeless. This is why curbless showers, universal design and smart home tech qualify as timeless bathroom trends. 

Which Bathroom Colors Are Timeless? 

Bathroom color palettes inspired by nature or by classic pairings are often timeless. For example, a neutral color palette of warm whites and soft grays will never go out of style. 

Similarly, a palette with sage green or coastal blue should stand the test of tie. Classic pairings like black and white make sense in many spaces throughout history -- from a contemporary bathroom to a 1930s suite. 

Penny tile, Guest Bathroom Floor, Snohomish, WA, VanderBeken RemodelWhat Floor Tile Never Goes Out of Style? 

As for timeless bathroom tile, you cannot go wrong with a classic penny or subway tile. If the pattern is not too complex and the color scheme is not too bold, any geometric bathroom tile should work. 

In her article “5 Timeless Bathroom Decor Ideas That Will Never Go Out of Style” for Real Simple, Katie Holdefehr elaborates. Holdefehr writes that "century-old tile patterns are unlikely to go out of fashion in the next five years." Both penny tile and subway tile have been gracing bathrooms and kitchens for over a hundred years. 


Working with a Washington Bathroom Remodeling Team On Your Project 

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