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Top 10 Luxury Bathroom Trends

After a tough couple of years, 2023 is all about rest, relaxation and self-care. Clients consistently ask Snohomish County contractors for spa-inspired bathrooms with incredible showers, gorgeous floors and calming color palettes. In this post, we highlight all the luxury bathroom features we expect to see this year. From heated towels to free-standing soaking tubs, below are ten of the top luxury bathroom design trends for 2023. In addition to listing this year's design trends, our team of Snohomish County builders answers all your FAQs about luxury bathroom features. With a list of top trends and lots of recommendations from local contractors, you can create your own Snohomish County luxury bathroom.

Snohomish County Builders Answer Your FAQs About 2023 Luxury Bathroom Features

Our team of Snohomish County remodelers are here to answer your frequently asked questions about creating luxury bathrooms. From what luxury bathroom features your space should include, to how large the room should be, this article addresses the questions our clients most often ask!

How big should a luxury bathroom be?

Our team of remodeling experts have worked on dozens of luxury bathrooms. They range in size from tiny powder rooms to mammoth primary suites. Some luxury bathrooms are enormous -- with a sauna, standing tub, linen closet, water closet and much more. Others are smaller -- with a single sink, a luxury bathroom toilet and a steam shower.

For a space that fits all the luxury bathroom features you could ever want, experts recommend a 10 × 12 square foot layout. In Better Homes & Gardens, Caitlin Sole notes that this size allows you to "spread out your main bath features...for a more luxurious experience."

What should be in a luxury bathroom?

Luxury bathroom features vary from one space to the next. A luxury bathroom will typically have romantic lighting, cozy towels and expansive windows that provide a view of the outdoors. Instead of a kitschy blue color palette, luxury bathrooms are often monochromatic and neutral.

They might be all-natural -- with light-toned woods and stone tile inspired by Scandinavian design. On the other hand, they might be dark, moody and modern -- with the high-gloss finishes of an elegant but masculine hotel.

What should be in a Snohomish County luxury bathroom depends on your preferences and design style. Does luxury mean a bidet and a separate water closet? Is a luxury bathroom one with a steam shower and a standing tub? It's up to you!

How can I make a small bathroom more luxurious?

There are many ways to make a small bathroom luxurious without adding square footage. Installing a towel warmer -- either a rack or cabinet -- is one way to make your space more serene.

Adding a bidet attachment to your toilet or installing a medicine cabinet with built-in LED lights instantly upgrades an outdated space. Replacing chipped tile and upgrading to a steam shower can also make a small space feel more like a spa.

Whether hoping to update a petite primary bath or a tiny powder room, consult our Bathroom Remodel Costs and Considerations guide for more information.

What is a luxury shower?

A luxury shower is one that goes above and beyond a typical builder-grade shower. Luxury showers might have multiple showerheads -- i.e. a rain shower above and a body sprayer mounted on the wall. They might also have high-quality stone floors and a beautiful niche for bath products.

Luxury showers might have a gorgeous view of your property's grounds, the mountains surrounding your home or the beach just beyond. Some have saunas while others have steam showers fit for pro athletes. A luxury shower is one that exceeds all your needs and fulfills all your wants so you can relax in complete comfort.

How can I make my bathroom feel like a luxury hotel?

To make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotel, invest in handcrafted linens. Upgrade a cheap shower head for one with a filter and multiple pressure settings. Another way to make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotel is to choose a darker color scheme with glossy tiles and low lighting.

Pick elegant hardware, use organic materials, incorporate vintage or antique design elements and add a diffuser for essential oils. You can absolutely create a Snohomish County luxury bathroom without overspending.

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Top 10 Luxury Bathroom Design Trends for 2023 According to Snohomish County Contractors

Let's take a look at the top ten Snohomish County luxury bathroom design trends our team of Everett contractors identified for 2023. From free-standing tubs with stunning views to radiant heating that keeps floors warm, here are the trends we expect over the next year.

#1 Free-Standing Soaking Tub and Separate Tub Room

Soaking Tub with natural light, VanderBeken Remodel, Lake Stevens, 2022First on our list of 2023 luxury bathroom trends is a free-standing soaking tub and separate tub room. Of course, soaking tubs have been a luxury bathroom feature for many years. A standing tub helps you relax after a long work day. Plus, it allows multiple people to bathe at once -- one in the tub and one in the shower.

In an article for Forbes, Amanda Lauren explains why freestanding tubs -- and separate tub rooms -- are still on our list of top trends. According to Lauren, the standing tub trend is not purely about functionality.

Quoting designer Danny Spears, Lauren writes that installing a standing tub "'is a great way to create a focal point in the room.'" In addition to the stunning statement a standing tub makes, "'it can [also] add tremendous value to your home.'"

#2 Radiant Floors

Next on our list is radiant floor heating. Nothing shocks you out of a soothing shower like freezing cold floors. Radiant heating keeps the bathroom floor warm to the touch, so you never shiver after a hot shower.

#3 Romantic Fireplaces

FireplaceAs architect Chris Fogarty notes in an Elle Decor interview, today's bathrooms have "'more going on behind the walls than you could ever imagine." Wood-burning stoves and electric fireplaces are a couple of features you might not expect to see in a modern bathroom. However, they are becoming more popular in luxury bathrooms as homeowners continue to focus on self-care.

A few of our favorite brands are Lopi, Fireplace Xtrordinair and DaVinci Custom Fireplace all of which are a part of Travis Industries, Inc., the largest privately-owned wood, pellet, and gas stove, insert and fireplace company in America (located in Mukilteo, WA right here in Snohomish  County!) Click here to watch a video tour of their factory.

#4 Rain Shower Head with Body Sprayers

Rain shower heads create a wonderful atmosphere, but they rarely provide enough water pressure to rinse away shampoo or body wash. In 2023, luxury bathrooms feature both a rain shower head and a body sprayer. Dual rain shower heads are another common ask from luxury homeowners.

#5 Steam Shower or Sauna

sauna or steamOnce relegated to pro athletes and celebrities, steam showers and saunas are now in single-family homes all across the country. Their rise to prominence was aided by the home health trend that grew in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Homeowners can soothe aching muscles, wind down with essential oils or clear their pores -- all from the comfort of their own bathrooms. Plus, a steam shower or sauna can add value to your home should you ever choose to sell. This report from Zillow notes that adding a steam shower can boost your home's resale value by "up to 29 percent or more."

#6 Heated Towel Rack or Warmer

From radiant floor heating to saunas and fireplaces, you might have noticed a theme amongst this year's top luxury bathroom trends. Homeowners want cozy spaces that keep them warm no matter what! Towel heating racks, cabinets and bins allow you to heat multiple towels at once. That way, you don't lose the warmth of a steamy shower once you step out.

#7 Marble Tile Floors and Walls

Marble Tile Floors and WallsNothing is more luxurious than marble from the floor to the ceiling. Beyond their aesthetic value, an all-marble bathroom prevents mold and mildew. Designers often refer to the bathroom pictured above as a "wet room."

According to Hadley Keller in an article for House Beautiful, wet rooms are becoming more popular in primary bathrooms because they are more accessible. Keller notes that floor to ceiling marble "creates the feel of a luxury hotel," but it also embodies tenets of universal design.

Wet rooms tend to have clean, streamlined aesthetics without steep steps or rugs that can be caught underfoot. Keller writes that this makes wet rooms "optimal for aging-in-place."

#8 Water Closet and Luxury Toilet or Bidet

According to Lauren Wicks in an article for Veranda, separation is a common theme in luxury bathroom remodels. Quoting designer Jeffry Weisman, Wicks writes that clients are "'are increasingly asking for fully separate principal baths.'" This means separate vanities, separate shower heads and separate water closets.

Our team has noticed this trend over the last few years. Clients keep asking our team of Everett contractors for a separate water closet that hides the toilet and provides privacy.

#9 Luxury Lighting

Powder room vanity and custom mirrorAccording to Alyssa Gautieri in an article for Good Housekeeping, luxury custom lighting is another bathroom design trend for 2023. Layered lighting -- with chandeliers, sconces and flush-mounts -- creates a more elevated interior that relaxes and wows at the same time.

Quoting interior designer Sarah Barnard, Gautieri explains the trend in further detail. Barnard tells Gautieri that "'bathroom spaces have become prime spaces for showcasing decorative lighting.'"

Not only does custom lighting "'contribute to a soothing atmosphere and offer a sculptural element.'" It also "'supports the room's functionality,'" which is a must for homes with kids or elderly adults.


#10 Natural Wood Vanities Made from Walnut, Oak and Cedar

Custom Walnut Vanity, Euro style, Soft Close Drawers, Lake Stevens, 2022Homeowners might be turning away from painted cabinets and stone surrounds in favor of a more natural, organic aesthetic. According to Kristina McGuirk from Better Homes & Gardens, "Houzz and the NKBA are seeing wood coming in close second to...white vanities." As Snohomish County builders and designers, our team has received quite a few requests from clients that reflect this trend.

Pictured here is the walnut vanity from our Lake Stevens project. With sleek hardware, a soaking tub and custom walnut cabinetry, this Lake Stevens primary bathroom remodel from early 2022 is absolutely stunning. Both timeless and on-trend, this bathroom is sure to please prospective buyers just as much as it delights the current owners. Check out the entire project in our portfolio here.

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