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Are whole home remodels worth it?

Whole home remodels can make your home safer, more functional, more aesthetically pleasing and better suited to your lifestyle. Necessary improvements like updating electrical and plumbing and purely aesthetic improvements like replacing countertops or tiling are both common in whole home remodelsHowever, most improvements made during a whole home remodel involve a bit of both. For example, replacing the flooring in your living room can improve the appearance of that space while boosting its energy efficiency. But are whole home remodels worth it from a financial perspective? The short answer is yes. From major kitchen remodels to home office conversions, whole home remodels typically feature some of the highest ROI projects. These include everything from finishing a basement or creating an attic bedroom to replacing windows or updating appliances. Interestingly, the home improvements with the best return on investment also happen to be those with the highest homeowner “Joy Scores.” Brenda Richardson explains in her article “Home Remodeling Projects That Pay Back The Most In Happiness” for Forbes. Home improvements with the highest homeowner satisfaction or “Joy Scores” are complete kitchen renovations, window replacements and whole home interior paint jobs. Because sweat equity can increase satisfaction with home improvement projects, homeowners might be tempted to DIY their whole home remodel. However, whole home remodels usually involve complex procedures like updating electrical wiring, replacing plumbing or integrating smart home technologies. As such, savvy homeowners should seek the help of a local design-build firm that specializes in whole home remodels. Follow below to learn more about what happens in a whole home remodel. We will also explain why working with a design build firm offers the best value.  

Eight Updates That Make a Whole Home Remodel Worth the Time and Money 

#1 Updating Flooring Throughout the House  

Library & Getaway Room

As can be seen in many of our whole home remodeling projects, today’s homeowners tend to prefer hardwood and tile over carpeting. This is especially true in high traffic areas like the living room, entryways, kitchens and mudrooms. It is less common in private spaces like the guest and master bedrooms where carpeting might be preferred. For example, we replaced the outdated living room flooring in our client's 1965 Marysville, WA rambler with Cortec’s Manila Oak luxury vinyl plank (LVP) . These floors can be found throughout the entire house. Of course, flooring undergoes a lot of wear and tear. During a whole home remodel, many homeowners choose to update flooring throughout the house. They do so when the existing flooring is damaged, outdated or inappropriate for their lifestyle. In our recent post, we noted that swapping out carpet for hardwood can also help seniors age in place. This is because LVP and hardwoods are  better for wheelchair and walker users. As a Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS), our co-owner Jennifer helps seniors make the best design choices during their whole home remodels.  

Not only does replacing flooring improve homeowner satisfaction with their spaces, but it also has a high ROI compared to other remodeling projects. Homeowners who switch to hardwood can expect as much as 80% of their investment back if they ever sell. In fact, a majority of prospective home buyers reported willingness to pay extra for homes with hardwood floors, according to a 2019 NAR survey. 


#2 Repairing or Replacing Windows 

Camano Island Bedroom RemodelHomeowners who wish to remain in their homes for years to come often choose to repair or replace windows during their whole home remodel. In “6 Things You Didn’t Know About Replacement Windows” for Forbes, Deane Biermeier and Samantha Allen explain why window replacements are worthwhile. Biermeier and Allen write that “replacement windows can be an excellent investment." This is because "all at once, they update the look of your house, increase comfort, add to your home’s value and save energy.” Replacing the windows in your home is one example of a simultaneously cosmetic and functional update common in whole home remodels. 




#3 Repainting the Entire Interior  

Marysville Whole Home RemodelSometimes a whole home remodel is a simple “face lift” in which cosmetic updates make all the difference. When a home’s floor plan is ideal and appliances are up to date, a fresh coat of paint might be the only necessary alteration. Working with a design build firm can help homeowners choose the perfect interior paint colors for the walls, window casings and other architectural features.  

Interior designer Susanne Burns has worked with VanderBeken Remodel on many of our whole home remodels. When asked about her favorite part of being an interior designer, Burns points to the joy of guiding homeowners through the process. According to Burns, being an interior designer means “interpreting [homeowners’] reactions and translating that into a space that will fit [their] needs.” Burns helps homeowners make dozens of design choices, from the color of their walls to the style of their furniture.  


#4 Reconfiguring Electrical and Plumbing  

Camano Island Primary Bathroom RemodelWhen renovating a kitchen, bathroom or basement during a whole home remodel, design-build firms must often reconfigure electrical wiring. They might also extend plumbing and/or alter the home’s lighting plans. Though it is possible for homeowners to DIY parts of a whole home remodel without ill effect, there are those that require expert help. From installing a pendant light above your island to building a shower in your half bath, many aspects of whole home remodels require professionals.  

Homeowners who work with a design-build firm on their whole home remodel need not hire these tradesmen on their own. Rather, the design-build firm’s project manager will assign a carefully vetted electrician and/or plumber. At VanderBeken Remodel, our project manager Jason has been in the construction industry for over two decades. As a twenty-year Marine Corps Veteran, service is in Jason’s blood. Every project Jason manages centers around clear communication so that the design and the production result in an excellent customer experience. This is just an example of our core values in action. At VanderBeken Remodel our Core Values motivate us to Thrive Together – We work towards a common goal, enthusiastically, encouragingly, patiently. We collaborate and celebrate the challenges and the victories. Discover What Delights – We push ourselves to be our best, we focus on solutions, and we arrive every day ready to work hard and discover what delights. Be Accountable – We do what we say we are going to do. If something happens to prevent that, we determine the new course and communicate quickly. Create Positive Customer Experiences – We are proactive, enthusiastic and creative problem-solvers. We specialize in building beautiful spaces for fantastic people!  


#5 Altering the Floor Plan to Improve Flow  

Edmonds Kitchen RemodelHomeowners may choose to alter their house's floor plan in order to improve its flow or to increase the amount of usable space. They might also alter the floor plan of their home to make it more functional or efficient, perhaps by taking advantage of passive features. These changes are often dictated by personal preference but may also be dependent on the home’s build site or surrounding climate. For example, open floor plans allow for more cross ventilation. Cross ventilation improves airflow throughout the home, limiting the possibility mold or mildew develops. As such, whole home remodels of coastal houses might involve opening up a closed floor plan for both functional and aesthetic reasons.  

Those desiring to age in place – or homeowners in multigenerational households – might also choose to alter their house’s layout. This could involve widening hallways, eliminating sunken spaces and levelling steps. A licensed structural engineer may be needed for these stages of a whole home remodel Another benefit of working with the design-build at VanderBeken Remodel: we have licensed structural engineers on our team as well! Learn more about the costs and considerations on our Aging in Place Remodeling Services page.


#6 Converting One or More Rooms  

Stairwell & Game Room Remodel-1Room conversions are another common alteration in whole home remodels. With the needs of American homeowners rapidly changing, few houses precisely meet the needs of their inhabitants. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and remote work revolution, many of us are working from home. At the same time, more homes than ever before in recent memory are multigenerational. Boomers, Gen X’ers, Millennials and Gen Z’ers are all living under a single roof.  

As such, whole home remodels often include room conversions. Under guidance of a design-build firm, homeowners might choose to convert their dining room into a home office. They might consider adding a bedroom to their attic or transforming the awkward space off their kitchen into a breakfast nook. Design-build firms can help homeowners determine which space is best suited to which function. 


#7 Renovating Major Spaces 

Marysville Open Floorplan Kitchen & Dining Room RemodelOf course, most homeowners imagine renovating major spaces like the kitchen, basement or master suite when imagining a whole home remodel. During whole home remodels, we often update appliances, replace cabinets and countertops, alter the layout and add an island in the kitchen. For example, the kitchen remodel featured here was moved from one wall (as a closed in U-shaped kitchen) to another wall, which resulted in an open concept kitchen/dining room area.

We might also transform an unfinished basement into a fully functional bedroom or overhaul the bathroom attached to your primary bedroom. Because renovating major spaces requires both incredible vision and exceptional project management, hiring a design-build firm is often the easiest way to go. 


#8 Maximizing Curb Appeal 

Snohomish Driveway RemodelLastly, homeowners might wish to maximize their house’s curb appeal by repainting the exterior, replacing siding, updating the landscaping, replacing the driveway and more. While curb appeal is important for attracting buyers when one plans to sell, it is also meaningful for the current homeowner. Curb appeal boosts a homeowner’s confidence and pride in their house, encouraging them to spend more time on the porch or in the garden.  

Homeowners often choose to alter the exterior of an older house during their whole home remodel to create cohesion. Working with a design-build firm throughout the whole home remodel process ensures a unified design scheme that expresses each homeowner's unique style. 



Working with the Premier Design Build Company in Snohomish County for Your Whole Home Remodel 

Homeowners often have a vision of what their home could be. However, few know where to start and even fewer know the ins and outs of architectural and interior design. With a talented team of architects, designers and project managers, VanderBeken Remodel guides homeowners through every stage of their whole home remodel. From consultation to completion, our team’s expertise ensures your project stays on track while achieving every single one of your goals. Learn more about our remodel process for whole home remodels. 

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What are the Costs?

Due to the unique requirements of your home remodel, costs can vary dramatically. Rest assured our remodeling process includes engineering and design, after which, you will be provided with a fixed investment price for your custom home addition. 

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