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Tips on Creating a Productive Home Office

Working from our homes is certainly now more of a possibility, and even a necessity, than ever before. Transforming an existing space to create a productive home office may well be something you need to tackle. Here are some items to consider as you get started and ideas to help you envision the possibilities.


  • Consider the work you will be focusing on and what you will need to accomplish.
  • Think through the optimal setting which will be most conducive for that work and then areas that you are able to make compromises.


  • Will any of your other family members be working from home as well?
  • What other activities will be a part of the overall home environment?


  • Consider if you will be utilizing video platforms like Google Team Meetings or Zoom and be sure to think through what your background will be (of course you can install a green screen or keep it simple and utilize the built-in virtual backgrounds offered)
  • Look into where outlets are located and lighting options (including natural light; if possible have some sort of light towards you, especially if you will be doing video phone calls)
  • Address storage solutions and eliminate clutter


  • Do you have an option of a separate space or will your workspace be a shared space?
  • Are there closets or storage nooks that could be considered for a productive space?

Options and Ideas on Home Office Space

Dining Rooms or Kitchen Tables

Dining Rooms, often only utilized for special occasions and holidays, can be an easy home office solution. Use space in a hutch or cabinet to hide away equipment and supplies when you aren’t working and for easy access when you are. A built-in banquette can work as a desk space during the workday and then transform to a weekend brunch buffet or evening drink bar.

Guest Room/Home Office

The guest room/home office combination is a wonderful option. In fact, if you have a sofa that is a hide-a-bed your home office can look and feel extremely polished and professional. As always having creative storage solutions is important but you have a bit more flexibility in not needing to clear your workspace at the end of every day. Here are a couple of our favorite home office/guest room combos.


Maybe you have a storage area, nook, or closet that can be used as a home office and workspace. A double door closet or single door, even a walk-in closet will work and there are options in having doors to hide away your work or not. Transforming a closet or storage nook may be a fabulous reason to go through your “stuff” and decide what you should hold onto and what items it is time to pass on to someone else for their enjoyment. Here are a couple of great examples in making a closet into a phenomenal creative workspace.

You may find that the best option for your home office is in a portion of your living room or even in your hallway. There are a number of options for great furniture or built-ins that can make a fantastic home office in a more central location. We love the look and function of this armoire desk from Room and Board.


Wherever the best space for your home office turns out to be consider the following:
  • sufficient storage solutions
  • luminous lighting, hopefully including some natural light
  • plug in and port locations
  • comfy chair
  • ample work surface