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Home Office Remodeling Tips for the Remote Worker

According to McKinsey & Company's third American Opportunity Survey, 58% of respondents can work from home at least once a week. 35% of respondents are able to work from home every single day. As you might imagine, "when people have the chance to work flexibly, 87 percent of them take it." Unfortunately, not every home has a built-in office space ideal for remote work. Many of us are still working from our dining room tables or living room couches. Some are working in bed from a breakfast tray! With the right home office, working remotely can be so much more enjoyable. Before home office remodeling in Snohomish County, read our team's top home office design ideas.

Getting Started: Home Office Remodeling in Snohomish County

Who will your home office serveAs it is, your home office simply does not meet your needs. Maybe it is far too small for you and your partner to share. Perhaps the layout isn't quite right for the type of work you do. Before remodeling your home office, think about what you need, who will work there and how you will use it. If you are creating a brand-new home office, think about where it should go. Should you build an addition onto your home or construct an ADU in the backyard? Would remodeling a guest room or basement make more sense? Consider the what, who, where, how and where before getting started on your home office.


  • Consider the type of work you do and what you will need to accomplish that work.
  • Think through the optimal setting which will be most conducive for that work and then areas that you are able to make compromises.


  • Will any of your other family members be working from home as well?
  • What other activities will be a part of the overall home environment?


  • Consider if you will be utilizing video platforms like Google Team Meetings or Zoom. Be sure to think through what your background will be. Of course, you can install a green screen or keep it simple and utilize the built-in virtual backgrounds offered.
  • Look into where outlets are located and consider various lighting options. If possible, prioritize natural light. Have some sort of light towards you, especially if you will be doing video phone calls.
  • Address storage solutions and eliminate clutter.


  • Do you have an option of a separate space, or will your workspace be a shared space?
  • Are there closets or storage nooks that could be considered for a productive space?
  • Wherever the best space for your home office turns out to be, consider the following: Sufficient Storage Solutions, Luminous lighting, Plugs and Port Locations, Comfortable Seating, Ample Work Surfaces

Five of Our Favorite Home Office Design Ideas 2022

#1 Consider an Unconventional Space for Your Home Office

First on our list of home office design ideas for 2022 is to consider an unconventional space like a dining room or closet. Not every homeowner has a bonus room they can easily turn into a home office. Some homeowners must make-do with multifunctional spaces that serve as an office during the day and a communal space at night.

Lady sitting at kitchen table for home officeDining Rooms or Kitchen Tables

Dining Rooms, often only utilized for special occasions and holidays, can be an easy home office solution. Use space in a hutch or cabinet to hide away equipment and supplies when you aren’t working and for easy access when you are. A built-in banquette can work as a desk space during the workday and then transform to a weekend brunch buffet or evening drink bar.

Guest Room

The guest room/home office combination is a wonderful option. In fact, if you have a sofa that is a hide-a-bed your home office can look and feel extremely polished and professional.

As always, having creative storage solutions is important. You have a bit more flexibility in not needing to clear your workspace at the end of every day. Here are a couple of our favorite home office/guest room combos.


Maybe you have a storage area, nook, or closet that can be used as a home office and workspace. A double-door closet or a walk-in closet will work. There are options in having doors to hide away your work or not.

Transforming a closet or storage nook may be a fabulous reason to go through your “stuff." You can decide what to hold onto and what items it is time to pass on to someone else for their enjoyment. 

You may find that the best option for your home office space is in a portion of your living room or your hallway. There are a number of options for great furniture or built-ins that can make a fantastic home office in a more central location. 

Color of a home office

#2 Think About Color Psychology When Picking a Palette

Second on our list of home office ideas 2022 is to think about color psychology when picking a palette. Of all the top home office trends, this is one of our favorite tips. Like every other space -- from the primary bedroom to the kitchen -- home offices can impact our mood. Both the layout and the color palette we choose can affect how we feel while we work.

Writing for Homes & Gardens, Jennifer Ebert recommends "stress-reducing shades" that still manage to make the space feel dynamic. Though they can also function as neutrals, green, navy and other cool tones reportedly "promote creativity." Try to avoid too many bold colors or patterns when choosing a palette, however. These can be distracting -- the exact opposite of what you want to achieve in home offices.

#3 Embrace Ergonomics When Home Office Remodeling in Snohomish County WA

Ergonomics to consider for a home officeWhether a modern or traditional home office, one thing you cannot leave up to personal preference is ergonomics. When working from home, functional furniture -- like a supportive desk chair and adjustable office desk -- is vital. Make sure to choose supportive accent chairs if adding those to your office space as well. This resource from the University of Pittsburgh's department of Environmental Health and Safety explains how to pick ergonomic chairs for home offices.

According to the University of Pittsburgh, the seat of your chair should conform well to the size and shape of your body. An adjustable seat pan can help ensure your chair is just right for your specific body. The height and angle of your chair should also be adjustable. A wide backrest and added lumbar support are incredibly important, ensuring you can sit comfortably for extended periods of time.

As for your actual work space, we suggest you consider a standing desk. Uplift Desk is a brand that a couple of our team members use, and love! A wall-mounted desk on a rail system that can slide up and down works too. In "10 design tips to help create your dream home office" for Country Living, Sarah Barratt and Rachel Edwards also recommend standing desks. They write that when "we start to slump physically, often our brains start to slump too." Regularly switching between a seated position and standing "will help energize and focus you." Best of all, standing up periodically will help "mitigate the risk of back pain from uncomfortable chairs, or hunching over a laptop."

#4 Consult with a Remodeler When Designing Storage Solutions

Home office storageFourth on our list of home office ideas is to consult with a remodeler when designing bespoke storage solutions. Every remote worker has different storage needs -- many of which are unique to the type of work that person does. When home offices serve as work areas during the day and bedrooms or dining rooms at night, storage is even more important.

In "42 Stylish Home Office Ideas" for Good Housekeeping, Monique Valeris and Amanda Garrity drive this point home. Valeris and Garrity write that built-ins can showcase your style while providing "all the space you need for your work must-haves." Working with a design-build remodeler like Vanderbeken Remodel ensures your storage perfectly suits your needs. Plus, a remodeler can design custom cabinetry for smart storage, making it special, beautiful and functional all at once.

#5 Layer Lighting

Last on our list of home office ideas is to layer lighting. Whether you want a retro Art Deco home office or a streamlined Scandinavian style home office, layered lighting is a must. As many remote workers already know, staring at a computer screen all day and night can cause major eye strain.

Layered lighting can help with this. You simply cannot have a functional space without a mix of general, accent and task lighting. Make sure the entire room is well-lit with a mix of floor lamps, recessed lights and more. You can achieve layered lighting in small spaces with a variety of wall sconces, overhead lighting and slim table lamps. The space will feel cozy yet elevated, while being perfectly functional!

Answering Your FAQs About Home Office Remodeling in Snohomish County

How much does it cost to remodel a home office?

As with any remodeling project, the cost to remodel a home office varies. It changes based on where you live, which finishes you choose and how extensive the project will be. Those who want a one of a kind desk and custom storage for their home offices will probably end up paying more. Consult with a local remodeling company for more accurate cost information.

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How do I redesign my home office?

If you want to redesign your home office, your best bet is to work with a remodeling firm. Remodelers like Vanderbeken Remodel have access to all sorts of professionals -- from an interior designer to a structural engineer. You might want a classic style that oozes timeless luxury, or you might want a contemporary space with modern technology. Either way, a remodeler can help you achieve your home office dreams.

Whether or not to face a window at your home officeShould your desk face a window?

One of the most common questions we receive about home office remodeling is whether the desk should face a window. We recommend facing your chair towards the wall that abuts your window. This will allow you to take advantage of the light your window provides without getting distracted by what is happening outside. Whatever you do, do not sit with your chair against window. Such back-lighting will become problematic when taking Zoom calls.

How much would it cost to build a small office?

Again, the cost of building an addition will depend largely on the scope of your project. It will also depend on where you live and which finishings you plan to choose. To learn more about how much an addition could cost, head over to our resource about Snohomish County ADUs and home additions here.

Ready to Get Started on Your Home Office Remodeling in Snohomish County?

Reach out the team at Vanderbeken Remodel when you are ready to discuss your home office redesign. You can contact our team -- which has over thirty years of experience -- here.

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