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Timelines for Remodeling: Kitchen, Bath & Whole House

Renovating your home is messy and disruptive, especially when remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. So, what should you expect? We have created a planning and scheduling guide to help you understand what are standard timelines for remodeling: Kitchen, bath, and whole houses. Plus, we have a few expert tips to make your whole house remodel a little bit easier. If a home renovation is on your wish list, read on!

What To Expect With Timelines for Remodeling a Kitchen: From Start To Finish

Timelines for Remodeling

Before embarking on any remodeling project, you should firmly establish your reasons why. Remodeling is an emotional process, it interferes with your daily life, and it is costly. Determine what is frustrating about your room layout and storage, and what you would like to improve about the space’s overall flow and appearance. Making a list of needed improvements will help keep things in perspective.

Next, research costs to make sure your goals are in line with your budget. Our Costs & Consideration guides offer realistic examples of what kitchen and bathroom remodels typically cost in Everett, Marysville, Snohomish and Camano Island, WA. Keep in mind that relocating plumbing, gas, or electrical lines will increase costs. To keep the budget in check, try to preserve your existing kitchen or bath footprint (or only change it slightly). You will also need to confirm that your existing plumbing and electrical are adequate for the remodel you are planning.

Next, the fun begins! Collect design ideas and favorite elements to give our designers direction for a design that is uniquely yours. We are remodeling experts and the sweet spot of working with a design|build firm like ours allows you to garner valuable input during the planning process.

Depending on the size of the project, a kitchen remodel can take two to three months or more. The steps of a kitchen remodel vary according to your wish list, budget, and the current condition of the home.

Reimagine (Planning your New Kitchen)

To avoid delays when renovating a kitchen, every detail must be worked out before we begin. The design process can take a few weeks or a few months depending on the scope of the project (think small bath vs. whole home remodel). Here are the key aspects you will experience during the design phase of the remodel process:

  • Gather your design ideas and meet with our designers
  • Identify the scope of the project
  • Discuss flow and function of space
  • Make decisions on selections (appliances, cabinets, countertops, etc.)
  • Have a site walk through of your space where specialty trade partners can ask questions and identify possible concerns
  • Review and approve your redesigned kitchen
  • Sign off on the fixed investment price total for the project

We will provide a detailed proposal with drawings, product specifications and finish samples. This includes a fixed investment price for the entire project. If you are looking for a line-item quote (often referred to as a bid) we are not the company for you. Our fixed-price method is the best way to eliminate unpleasant surprises; your costs will not change unless the scope of the project changes. Click here to check out a video where we explain the shortcomings of bids and why we use a fixed investment price model.

Remodel (Kitchen Tear-Out & Renovation)

Since you will not have a working kitchen for a while, we recommend creating a kitchenette in a handy spot like a laundry room. Being able to make coffee and heat up meals is a great stress reducer! Click here to read a blog we wrote to help you with just this thing!


For a faster kitchen remodel, keeping the original layout reduces the amount of plumbing or electrical work required. Simply replacing cabinets,

countertops and appliances in the same configuration can often be finished more quickly. If your new layout is significantly different, expect the project to take longer.

To avoid delays, it is best if new cabinets arrive before the old kitchen is torn out; appliances can be held at the supplier for delivery. Since cabinets are built to fit your appliances it is critical to purchase appliances early and let us know immediately if there are any changes. Plumbing fixtures, tile, wallpaper, and lighting should be delivered at the beginning of construction so they are on hand when needed.

Relove (Relishing Your New Kitchen)
Remodeled Kitchen, VanderBeken Remodel, Marysville, WA, 2020Kitchen remodeling is a complex process with lots to organize and subcontractors to supervise; it is no wonder these projects take time! However, with proper planning we can finish your beautiful new kitchen in just a few months.


Click here to see more “after” photos and read all about the kitchen remodel pictured at right.


What To Expect With Timelines for Remodeling a Bathroom: From Start To Finish

Bathroom renovations range from simple upgrades (new flooring, vanity, and plumbing fixtures) to a complete bathroom tear-out and redesign. For older homes, it is common to move walls and claim more square footage to create a modern, spacious master suite.

We always provide a detailed proposal with drawings, product specifications and finish samples before we begin. With our fixed pricing, you can feel confident about your renovation budget.

Reimagine (Planning Your New Bathroom)
Bathroom Floorplan with existing walls

As with any renovation, it is important to plan a few weeks ahead:

  • Gather your design ideas and meet with our designers
  • View samples of cabinetry, tile, and countertops
  • Confirm prices for everything on your wish list
  • Work with our team to finalize the budget for the entire project
  • Approve your new bathroom design

Retaining a bathroom’s existing layout is the most efficient, cost effective way to renovate. Within the old layout you can create an entirely new space, as no surface is left untouched. An old fiberglass tub can be replaced with a new tile shower; new cabinetry might include storage for linens. Under-floor heating and LED lighting complete your modern upgrade.

Remodel (Bathroom Tear-Out & Renovation)

Master Bathroom Remodel, Mill Creek, WA - VanderBeken RemodelOnce all materials and fixtures are delivered, construction can begin. Remodeling that adds square footage and changes the bathroom layout may take longer.

Relove (Relishing Your New Bathroom)

Bathroom remodeling (like kitchen remodeling) is a complex process with lots to organize and subcontractors

to supervise; it is no wonder these projects take time! However, with proper planning we can finish your beautiful new bathroom in just a couple of months.

Click here to see more “after” photos and read all about the bathroom pictured above.

What To Expect With Timelines for Remodeling a Whole House

As you can imagine, renovating an entire home involves the same steps listed above – multiplied several times over. That is why if you are planning a large remodel, it doesn’t make sense to do one room at a time. Bathroom and kitchen renovations can occur almost simultaneously, and our subcontractors can work where they are needed. Carpentry, new flooring, and paint in other areas of the home can be done at the same time.

Of course, you will need to move out – no one should live in a house that’s being gutted! Since our team can move faster in an empty home, you can expect a more efficient, shorter renovation process. Depending on the size of your home, a whole house remodel may take anywhere from three to six months.

Ready to Explore the Possibilities?

For any remodeling project, planning in advance is the key to a result you’ll love. Our best tip? Bring Vanderbeken Remodel into the planning process as early as possible. We know what we are doing, and we are here to help. Contact us today!