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6 Tips for Maximizing Storage in Your New Bathroom

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, more storage may likely be on your list of must haves. Working with a designer can help you discover the best route to maximizing storage in your new bathroom.

Most older homes in Snohomish County struggle with having enough bathroom storage, especially in the master suite. Vanity items, towels and laundry create a lot of clutter if they are not properly organized. Maximizing storage in your newly remodeled bathroom can completely transform your daily routine. Plus, remodeling a bathroom in Snohomish County offers one of the best returns on investment in your home.

Maximize bathroom storage with a Rev-a-shalf outlet drawerBefore making any decisions about bathroom storage, take a thorough inventory of your current bathroom. Make a note of the products you use daily and what type of storage suits them best. At Vanderbeken Remodel, we work closely with our clients to make a bath remodel wish list; here are some of our favorite ideas for maximizing storage:

  • Space for all the clean towels inside the bathroom
  • A hidden laundry hamper (or two)
  • Storage for cleaning supplies
  • Hidden storage that is safe for heated hair tools
  • Hidden outlets for an electric razor or toothbrush
  • Enough towel bars for everyone
  • More storage at eye level to reduce bending over
  • A place for makeup besides the medicine cabinet
  • A place to set things down beside the tub
  • Pull-out drawers to maximize under-sink storage

Features like these make the bathroom more comfortable and convenient, and they are easy to add during the remodel process.

Maximizing Storage Tip #1 – Choose A Dresser-Style Vanity

Vanities with drawers are a smart upgrade because they provide storage that is easier to see and reach. The top drawer can be left open while putting on makeup; deep lower drawers can hold taller bottles, towels, or a hair dryer. We like to use a combination of drawers for small items, and cabinets to accommodate towels, bulky cleaning products or a laundry hamper. Incorporating drawers is a great way to maximize the storage available within a limited floor space.

Maximizing Storage Tip #2 – Add A Tall Linen Cabinet For Maximum Storage

Bath towels take up a lot of space, especially in a small bathroom. A tall, narrow linen cabinet can be the perfect solution, offering tons of storage in just a few square feet. You can build in floor-to-ceiling shelves next to a shower, or incorporate a linen closet into the cabinetry design. Another option is a slide-out laundry hamper and narrow shelving on the doors for toiletries.

Maximizing Storage Tip #3 – Decorate The Bathroom With Wall Shelves

Bathroom walls are another storage opportunity. A wall that is out of your traffic path will probably have room for a shallow storage cabinet. The wall over the commode is the perfect spot for decorative storage; instead of one or two small shelves, opt for a stylish glass cabinet instead. It is a more practical use of space than hanging a picture, and you will have a spot to display pretty toiletries, candles, or a few family photos.

Bookcase-style open shelves are practical and decorative too; they fit perfectly into the end walls over a soaking tub. Style them with stacks of towels, storage jars and plants – they will love the humidity!

Maximizing Storage Tip #4 – Build-In A Shower Niche Or Bath Ledge

Shower niches have become a popular way to add a shelf for bottles right inside the shower. They are usually tiled or clad in the same stone as the rest of the shower. A niche takes advantage of the shallow depth between walls to create a shelf about 3″ deep. While there are common size for shower niches, it is easy to customize them while designing your shower. We like the idea of a long niche across the end of the shower, or two smaller ones flanking the shower head. A niche in the wall along a tub can be the perfect spot to set a cool drink and light a candle as you soak.

Bathroom niches are easy to clean and they keep clutter under control, so designers are adding them above sinks as well. Fit a low niche just below the mirror to display creams and lotions or set a jewelry dish.

Built-in ledges are another clever design feature that combines storage and decor on a narrow spot along the wall. A ledge adds extra surface area when a bathroom has limited counter space, or in a small bathroom with a pedestal sink. Create a mid-century vibe by running a narrow ledge behind the vanity. Ledges are a popular solution for renovation problems too; many historic homes use wainscoting with a ledge on top to create space for hidden plumbing. A built-in ledge behind a clawfoot tub makes a handy display shelf that adds to the traditional charm.

Maximizing Storage Tip #5 – Create A Master Bath Feature Wall

If you are renovating a large master bath, consider using one wall as a focal point for furniture that will provide storage. Furniture pieces are a great way to increase bath storage and add a dash of personality. A vintage dresser or even a china closet is easily repurposed for storing and displaying linens and toiletries. Create a dedicated spot for putting on makeup with a stylish dressing table. Hang towels on a display ladder or use the feature wall to install a full-length mirror that conceals jewelry, medicines, or a hidden safe.

Maximizing Storage Tip #6 – Customize Cabinets To Maximize Storage

Custom cabinet designs offer even more ways to maximize bathroom storage. Our in-house design team creates cabinetry that fits your lifestyle perfectly. Drawer dividers keep everything organized, pull-out bins make it easy to reach lower cabinets, and custom sizing prevents any wasted space.

Slide-out units just a few inches wide can turn a sliver of space into hidden storage for cleaning supplies or jewelry. Rev-a-shelf, for example, makes customizable inserts for drawers to accommodate a hair dryer or hot curling iron, complete with a hidden outlet in back.











If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, the Vanderbeken Remodel team is here to help. We are experts in designing and building bathrooms with integrated custom storage. We have long-term relationships with Snohomish County’s top tradespeople, and we will handle everything from concept to completion. Give us a call today at 425-870-8123 to begin the conversation.

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