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Four Steps to Update your Bathroom this Weekend

Looking for a weekend project that won’t break the bank? Here are four steps to update your bathroom (or kitchen). Ready, set, go!

painting - DIY

#1 – Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room and make a big difference. Be sure to purchase a semi-gloss or satin sheen paint for best durability in a bathroom. Also, plan to do more than one coat. Skimpy paint coverage is a no go. For more tips on painting like a pro click here.

#2 – Change Cabinet Knobs

Giving your existing cabinet doors a new look is as easy as picking up a screwdriver. Of course, you have to first pick out new knobs or pulls. Check out sites like Rejuvenation for fabulous options. Keep in mind that your new knobs will need to match the holes already in your drawers and doors.

Chandelier from Rejuvenation_Altona Barebulb Chandelier

#3 – Lighting Fixtures

While you are on the Rejuvenation site you can take a look at the various lighting options that are available. Changing out a fixture can be done without an electrician as long as follow the steps.

      1. Turn off power to the old fixture.
      2. Remove the canopy to expose the wiring and fixture hardware.
      3. Unscrew the three wires: black, white, and copper.
      4. Remove old light fixture.
      5. Install new bracket (sometimes).
      6. Connect new fixture wires.
      7. Secure the new fixture.
      8. Restore power and test out the new fixture!

Plumbing Fixture Assortments-1

#4 – Plumbing Trims

Another way a big impact can be made in your bathroom is with a new faucet. Check out this video and step by step process on